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The big search
July 28, 2008, 3:18 pm
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I’m deep in the midst of my serious job search.  I admit I took the first month off from the rat race entirely — a true summer vacation was exactly what my brain needed.  I’m still enjoying it, of course, but now with the added anxiety of cover letters, interviews and an utter lack of income.

I’m still not completely certain how it’s all going to turn out, but I know my eventual goal is work in some capacity with local, sustainable food systems and their impact on local economies, public health and the environment.  Whether to approach that from an environmental, food, nonprofit, volunteer or educational point of view is my main concern, but not really knowing what’s “best,” I’m working on it from all angles.

After three weeks in total freak-out mode (I’m a little paranoid, but I feel I have to be, lest my nonchalance backfire), scouring Monster, Idealist, and Craigslist, plus my own company-specific research, I finally got a bite in the form of a phone interview for a nonprofit organization concerned with sustainable land use.  Just a screening tool, I’m sure, to ensure I’m not crazy, but it was a huge encouragement.   And just when I thought I had been waiting too long for a new development, I got an email from them this morning requesting an in-person interview.  Thank goodness.

And lo, when it rains, it pours. 

I have another interview on the same day for an editorial post with a culinary educational insitution, and the following day, yet another interview with a nonprofit environmental group.  I’m downright giddy.  It’s alarming, though, to see how such small developments can have such strong effects on my mindset.

At a green jobs networking event two weeks ago, I had a couple of eye-opening conversations that immediately put me in a bad mood, spiraling toward despair about my prospects.  Days later came the phone interview request, which took me soaring to new heights of enthusiasm.

I had no idea I could be so fragile.  But then again, this is only the second time in my adult life I’ve had to live without an income and run the job-seeking circuit.


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Great stuff Meredith!

Comment by Jeff Guard

We’re wishing you lots of luck!!

Comment by porter

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