New Leaf New York: From Pharma to Farm

About this blog

NEW LEAF NEW YORK chronicles my quest to find a job in environmental work in New York City, specifically having to do with the local food movement and sustainable agriculture. After graduating from college, I worked in public relations for pharmaceutical companies, and realized before long that, frankly, it wasn’t for me. In addition to loathing the maddening bureaucracy and red tape of Big Pharma and FDA regulatory issues, I realized that I was morally opposed to a large portion of my clients’ work, and I decided I couldn’t be part of it any longer.

I’d been interested in organic and local food and public health issues for quite a while, but when I read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma in 2006, it really cemented for me that they were the very things to which I wanted to devote my life.

So, while my own journey is the overarching theme, I also cover events, initiatives, programs, and classes in the general field of local food, sustainable agriculture, urban gardening and public health in New York, as well as articles, op-eds and other links of interest.

Meredith Modzelewski


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